Promote Your iOS or Android App to Social Media App and Game Lovers!


Promote Your iOS or Android App to Social Media App and Game Lovers!
Get your new or even older apps and games boosted and breath new life into them to boost installs, plays and revenue. Earn more money from the installs and plays you get from ad revenue or in-game/in-app purchases made.

If you've got an app or games on the Appstore or Google Play Marketplace then you'll want people to install it and use it or play it! And one of the best ways to get people to know about your apps and games is to promote them on the biggest social media groups, communities and more where people and users and players are today!

So in this unique service, we'll post, push and promote your app and or game on the biggest social networking sites groups, communities, pages, channels and more!

Big App Gaming Groups & Communities Submission!

We are already members of some big and old dedicated app and game groups and communities on some of the biggest social networking sites today like Facebook & Google+ etc. As well as members of many other BIG groups and communities and Pages and more we can submit your Android or iOS app or game to for you!

What We Do and What You Get:
In this service, we spread it on quite thick. We do a massive bunch of posts for you on the biggest top 3 social media sites and submissions to a whole other spectrum of social media sites too like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram etc to social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Tumblr, VK, SU, Myspace etc to shout outs on Social Media groups, pages & more!

We have 3 different plans you can choose from.
Each plan is basically doubled in size.

Standard Service:
  • 100 Big Social Media Group Submissions to related and big advertising groups.
  • 10 Community Page visitor posts related to your app or game etc.
  • 25 Google+ Community Submissions on the biggest Google Communities today.
  • 10 Pinterest Group Board pins all manually submitted by hand.
  • 10 Social Bookmarks to Top sites like SU, VK, Myspace, Reddit etc.
  • A Sprinkling of 1K Social Signals shares, tweets/retweets, +1's etc.
Silver Service:
  • 200 Big Social Media Group Submissions.
  • 20 Community Page visitors message posts.
  • 50 Google+ Community Submissions.
  • 20 Pinterest Group Board pins.
  • 20 Social Bookmarks to Top sites like SU, VK, Myspace, Reddit etc.
  • Shout Outs on Top Social Channels like Whatsapp Groups etc.
  • A Sprig of 3K Social Signals.
  • Article submission to 2 Guest Post sites like Medium, Mogul, BuzzFeed or PlayBuzz etc.
Gold Service:
  • 300 Big Social Media Group Submissions.
  • 30 Community Page visitor posts.
  • 100 Google+ Community Submissions.
  • 50 Pinterest Group Board pins.
  • 50 Top Social Bookmarking Submissions.
  • 5+ Shouts outs on Top Social Channels.
  • A Batch of 10K Mixed Social Signals.
  • Submission to 5+ Guest Post sites.
Benefits / Advantages to This Service

  • Improves and Builds Visibility and Brand Awareness of your Apps/Games
  • Gets you REAL Downloads, Installs and Players from REAL SMM Promotion
  • Builds Authority and Trust and Improves Ranking Positions on the Stores
  • Also Improves your Ranking Positions in Google and other Search Engines
  • Your Posts Last Forever like a Gift that Keeps on Giving in Time
  • Provides Blanket Coverage and Full Spectrum SMM Promotion
  • 100% Guaranteed and Provided by Long Time 3X Seller w/ 100% seller ratio.


What Are The Benefits & Advantages?
Increased visibility and awareness of your brand, your apps and games. More installs and players which increases revenue and earning & success all round. Increased authority and improved ranking of your apps and games in the Appstore and Playstore and in Google with improved rankings also. But you know this already!?
What Are the Guarantees?
We can't guarantee anything to you other than to do the work that's advertised here. We have no control over what apps/games people like and what they do on social media. All we can do is put your apps/games in front of them. Social Media marketing is like fishing, you throw your hook in and wait for a bite!
How Many Installs and Players Will I Get?
Again, we can't say as it depends on a lot of things. Like how many people are actually interested enough in your app or game to install/play them. Whether they are online at the time or find the post later on. But if your app/game is interesting/fun/useful/practical and attractive enough, why wouldn't they? All we can do is put it in front of them for you!
What Are the Community Page Visitor Posts?
These are Fanpages on the biggest social media site that accept visitor messages. We'll post your app/game to these pages for you. Some of these pages have many thousands of followers of them.
What Are the Pinterest Group Boards?
I'm glad you asked! These are community Pinterest boards that have many, many thousands of followers and users in them. We'll pin your app/game to these boards for you boosting downloads, plays & installs and helping your app/game to rank higher too since these are very powerful for SEO.
What Are The Shout Outs on Social Channels like Whatsapp, etc?
We are joined to some big IM channels on Whatsapp & SnapChat etc. We will compose a message with your app/game or simply just share it from your app's/game's page to these channels.
What Are The Guest Post Submissions on sites like Medium, Mogul, BuzzFeed or PlayBuzz etc?
We will create an article write up about your app/game and submit it to the top best and biggest and highest authority free community Guest Post sites literally like Medium, Mogul, BuzzFeed or PlayBuzz, Behance, Notey, Storify & more. These aren't only great for extra exposure but provide powerful backlinks too!
What Are The Social Signals You Add Made Of?
We'll share and reshare your app/game page made up of shares/reshares, tweets/retweets, pins/repins +1's etc etc. These will be drip fed over 1 week for the standard service and up to 2 weeks time for the silver and gold service.
What Do You Need to Get Started?
All we need at bare minimum is the link to your app or game on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can give us some promotional message and a couple #hashtags to post with it or we can come up with something for you!

For any more questions, just send me a message.

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