All in One YouTube Promotion Service Get Your Message Across!


All in One YouTube Promotion Service Get Your Message Across!
Nothing gets your message across better than a YouTube video does!

Our unique YouTube Video and Channel promotion service helps you get that message out to more people, faster!

We will get you more real full views, more real video likes and more real channel subscribers than you could ever want for your video channels!
  • We will promote your Video and Channel or anything on the BIGGEST Social Media Groups and Pages - Related to Your Niche!
  • We will promote your video and channel on Google Plus Communities. The BIGGEST Google+ YouTube Video Communities.
  • We will pin your video to our MASSIVE Pinterest Community Boards that have many thousands of users amongst them!
  • We will manually bookmark your site to the biggest Internet Social Bookmarking sites on the Internet. Increasing your video rank!
  • Because popular videos get shared/bookmarked and embedded on sites, we'll share/embed yours to the top 5 (now top 10) video sharing sites as well.
  • And finally improve the authority of your video on YouTube and Google by adding a mix of 1000 3000+ social media signals to it with shares, tweets, pins and more.

You are bound to get more VIEWS, LIKES & SUBSCRIBERS or give you your money back! - Your Satisfaction and Success is Our Priority!

Obviously we can't guarantee you any views, likes and subscribers etc from this service. Simply because we have no control over what people like + do on Social Media you know? However, we CAN guarantee to do the service for you of course! Using the biggest Social Media Groups and Communities & Boards to market and promote your videos and channel which is not only the best and safest possible way to get real views, shares, likes and subscribers but also one of the most powerful. This is where most of the Internet's traffic is hanging out today. But getting their attention requires posting and posting good sizes and consistency to really get peoples attention! So we will create these posts for you on the biggest Internet groups and communities, boards, channels and sites. Creating the highest quality social signals and backlinks that you can get directly from Google, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn & more. These posts will count as social signals to your video and channel improving its overall ranking in the search engine for your keywords in the long run. But in the immediate present building brand and public awareness about you and your videos and YouTube channel. You'll be getting real high retention views, real video likes and real subscribers by real people Maybe even a few comments along the way?

So How Does it Work? What Do We Do For You?
  • We will actively promote your YouTube video and/or Channel on the biggest Social Media Groups, Pages and Boards. Some of these have hundreds of thousands of fans/followers and collectively make up about 50,000,000+ people that cab see your video in their timeline.
  • We actively search out community pages/groups in YOUR niche and post to them for you. Some of these Pages may also have many thousands of fans. NOTE: Currently substituted for 50 aged page + profile shout outs.
  • We post to some of the biggest groups and group and community pages that are related to videos, YouTube videos. As well as groups/pages in YOUR niche too.
  • We will pin your video to 10 BIG Pinterest Community boards closely matching your niche.
  • We will manually bookmark your video to the Top 20+ social bookmarking sites.
  • We'll add 1500+ mixed social signals to your video shares, etc etc.
  • And finally share/embed to the Top 5 (Now Top 10) video sharing/embedding sites.
  • We also have Powerful Extras that can have a great impact on your videos success!
NOTE: The majority of the groups are made up of some of biggest YouTube and Music/Movie video related groups! As well as some of our biggest free to post/Advertising/IM/MLM/Social type groups that accept promotional posts of all kinds. Not ALL of your posts will be related. But around 25% of them will be related to whatever your video is about. The rest posted to only the biggest of biggest groups!

FYI: We don't just spam peoples Pages/Groups etc. We post in a way that is allowed that people will and appreciate, comment on etc. We use call to actions and emotional plays on words to get people to click and watch your video! Plus we have some clout and credibility in these places as long time users.

Its the same withPages and Boards too. Some of these have many hundreds of thousands of users. We will post your video to YouTube Music / Video related Communities such as some of these...

High Quality Authentic + Reliable YouTube Video + Channel Marketing Service

Our service gets your video promoted properly fast! Get more views, more likes, more subscribers and earn more money from your YouTube videos! This is an excellent all-in-one video promotion package for people who want REAL results!

Typical Before and After using this service for your video..

What You Will Get in This Service
  • We will post your video to 100 Big YouTube Video Sharing Groups
  • We will post your video/message to 20 Pages in YOUR niche
  • We will pin your video to 10 BIG Pinterest Community Boards.
  • We will bookmark your video to 20+ BIG Social Bookmarking sites.
  • We will add 3000 mixed social signals, shares, tweets, pins etc.
  • We will share/embed your video to top 10 video sharing sites.
  • We get you more REAL video views and watches.
  • We get you more REAL video Likes by people.
  • We get you more new REAL subscribers for your channel.
  • We get you more real video comments/feedback.
  • Permanent lasting work that only has a positive effect!
  • Tons of Great Powerful Extras for More Impact!
You get 100+ PERMANENT Group posts. Along with 20+ community page posts on Pages in your niche. All in your niche. And We'll pin to our big Pinterest boards and socially bookmark your video as well to the top 20 Social Bookmarking sites and add 3000+ mixed social signals and embed your video to the top 10 video embedding sites. and much more if you want! And surely from all that we do, your video will get a whole bunch of views and video likes (or dislikes!?) and good/bad comments? And new real subscribers to your channel all from different people of the world from the real promotional work we do!?

Really, our service is the gift that keeps on giving!

Promoting Your YouTube Video Properly & Intelligently

We will create an appealing, eye catching and engaging description and use power words and call-to-action's. If your video is good it will sell itself. But we can make even the most mundane videos sound good. ;) But your video will remain in these groups and on these pages and sites forever going on to gain you more views, likes, comments and subscribers etc in time as well as more people discover them.

Just give us your video URL and we'll work our magic on it for you!

We offer a full 100% guaranteed money back refund guarantee. Guaranteed!*

Our Simple Guarantee:
- If we don't do the work for you within the time frame specified or provide all the advertised promotional posts when we deliver.
- *If we don't do the work for you and get you more views, likes and subscribers for your video or channel, we'll work something out for you or if no dice, you can ask for a refund.
- Just give us your YouTube Video URL and Channel URL and a message to go with it and we'll do the magic for you!
- Within 12-24 hours of ordering, you will notice your views count going up, your likes count going up and your subscribers count going up up up! All from REAL people ACTUALLY watching your video.
- We'll be completed with everything in a few days or so (unless you order w/ extras / I'm busy then it might take a bit longer).
- Sometimes we'll even carry on working and do you extra promotion if we don't think the response is good! What other service or seller does that?


Is This Safe for My Video?
Yes! This is all real natural safe pure white hat, Google and YouTube friendly promotion we are doing on Social Media sites and places where there are real people. This will have a long lasting positive ranking effect on your video and channel.
What Country Are The Groups Mostly in?
Most of the groups and pages that we post to are US based groups. About 70% US, 20% UK and rest Worldwide European countries.
How Many Views/Likes or Subscribers Will I Get?
From a few, to hundreds to thousands to millions. Honestly we can't say as it all depends on your video and if its appealing to the users/fans. If your post that is shared to the groups is appealing it can go viral for a long time, get likes, comments etc for years to come. Also posting once isn't as beneficial as posting several times which is why we offer extras in this service!
Do These Posts Show As Social Signals?
Yes they show up in Analytics as part of your Social Presence and as Shares/Likes and Comment social signals for any shares/likes & comments the posts get. Increase your YouTube video rank!
How will your video benefit from this service?
In different ways. Both in the course of the first few days and ongoing in time by way of engagement/conversion etc and in terms of YouTube and Google positioning.
Will just buying it once be all I ever need to do to go viral and be famous?
That depends on you and the video and being in the right place at the right time. Some videos do go viral the instant they are posted to social media. Depending on the content and demand for it. Anyone can be the next Pewdiepie or the next Trap Nation!? Where there's enough demand, there's always room for one more at the top! That said, just buying it once probably wont no, but the key to success with SMM is consistency. whether it's everyday, once a week/month, keeping in front of people's eyes is when you can start to notice and experience why social media is so effective and worth being consistent and persistent with it for it to pay off. Eventually, you would reach a point where you wouldn't need to buy any more SMM as you're already famous. One day at a time right?
What is Allowed and Accepted and what is Not?
Any video that is safe-for-work. Most things accepted in any niche/genre. Contact us first if you're unsure and we'll let you know and advise you.
How Long Does it Take to Complete the Work?
The posts and everything are usually all done in a few days. Please give us at least 5 to complete everything. We include a full report when all is completed. You can order Quick Delivery if you want it done quicker.
How Many videos / description / image Can I Use/Have Posted?
We accept 1 YouTube video URL and you can use a large descriptions or a short one. You can provide your own message to post or we can make one for you. Any video URL can be used, YouTube, Vimeo videos etc.

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Order now for 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Let's get you noticed!

Price for this service currently just: $29!

That's a great price for a whole lot of real promotion and SEO!
Update 12/5/16:
Google+ Posting now included as standard.
Update: 17/9/16:
150 Big YouTube group posts as standard.
Extra promotion on BIG Pinterest community boards.
Social Bookmarking of video to 20+ Social Bookmarking sites.

Update: 30/7/17:
Added social signals into standard service.
Added high authority site video embedding to top 5 sites.
Increased amount of Google+ community posts.
Added and edited several powerful extras.

Update: 19/2/18:
Due to Facebook Community page updates, Page posts now substituted for shoutouts.
Increased number of Google+ community posts up to 50 in the standard service.
Increased amount of social signals up to 3000 mixed social signals.

Update: 4/4/18:
Facebook community page posts in YOUR niche are back!
Update: 1/7/18
Now including Sponsored Tweets on Music accounts.
Increased amount of Google+ community posts to 100 standard.
Several new Extras added that are perfect for this.
Price reduced to just $25 for a limited time!
Update: 1/1/2020
Service updated, removed G+ since it's shut down
Added aged/old Tumblr blog posts, more social bookmarks.

Don't even hesitate!
Order now and let's get you noticed!

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