CPA Reward Website For Sale


CPA Reward Website For Sale
MAKE MONEY with your very own REWARDS WEBSITE!

How it works is members join free and complete CPA survey offers to collect points towards stuff (can be whatever you want to give them...ebooks, gifts, games, etc). You get paid for every offer a member completes, and the profit ratio is usually 50/50, so you get $1 for every $2 in offers they completed.

For example, if a member wants a $25 item, they must do enough offers worth $50 that goes to you, and you keep $25 and then buy the $25 item to give to them. Imagine how much you could earn with 1000's of people all doing offers where you, as the reward website owner, keeps
HALF of everything EVERY member makes???!!!

Or, you could offer your members contest entries which actually cost you nothing, and you keep 100%!!!

These kinds of sites are very simple to run and, with the built-in referral system, your members promote the site FOR you, so you never need to struggle to drive traffic to it! One of my own reward sites has over 30,000 members and I've done
ZERO marketing for it in years, as it's already being done FOR me!! Sweet!!!

This uses the MVG script, which alone sells for $60, so this is an awesome deal!!! My main site was the very FIRST one to use this script commercially (2nd site after Adam's demo) years ago, so I know it inside and out.

It works with the CPAlead network by default, but can be customized with postback files for other CPA networks, if purchased in the extras. Networks offered as an extra that can be integrated with this script include Offerpal/Tapjoy, Gwallet/Radiumone, Matomy, Sponsorpay, BLVDmedia, Superrewards, Pointclicktrack, Getgambit, and Tokenads. Please note that CPA companies change their names and callback parameters sometimes, so not all postbacks may work in the future, but at least 3+ will at any given time.


- This listing is for a complete website, so it INCLUDES an original, easy to remember, .com domain, but you MUST have an account at Name (com) for the transfer.

- Also includes 1 free month of webhosting to get you started!!

SPECIAL!!!! I know that one of the biggest problems to getting a site off the ground is getting members at first, so included as an extra to purchase is a database pre-populated with OVER 7000 members to make your site look busy AND I will even add your site link to my own reward site for ONE FULL MONTH to give you even MORE signups!!! That's LESS THAN $1 PER 1000 MEMBERS!!!


*** Demo url from a client site for this listing can be seen in the image above.

PLEASE READ!! Unlike most other sellers, I encourage potential buyers to read negative reviews and UNDERSTAND them, so the same mistakes don't happen again. The negative review for this listing is from a buyer who has never owned a site before and had NO idea what he was doing. I literally spent several HOURS answering questions EVERY day from this individual to the point where I actually LOST money in time spent. He just doesn't understand what's explained to him. You can even see from our conversation below that he was asking questions right away. Nothing wrong with asking, but it's lack of understanding that was the issue here.

Bottom line: If you don't have at least a basic grasp of running a website, then please, for the love of all things rational, do NOT order this website listing! Thank you for understanding!

Order Now $29

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