How to Get More Views on Instagram Video | Essential Tips

by    Blogs,Social Networks   Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

Instagram has been one of the most important social networking sites recently. Worldwide, over 1 billion active people are posting for personal and company matters.

Since the video-sharing feature introduced to Instagram, companies, and brands have tried to develop it to make more profit.

Most marketers have always desired more likes for their Instagram videos, but also because the quantity of likes under each video is still publicly posted, the burden is officially on.

As analysis has found, 21% of video interactions had more views and reactions than Instagram images. But it would be better to take the opportunity of that through more pictures and engagements to contribute to your account rating.

Are you confused about how your Instagram video views will reach higher numbers?

How to get more views on Instagram video – Follow these steps to see an improvement:

Instagram has skyrocketed in ranks of social networking sites in the past year as firms advertise. The visual-centric network known for its strong dedication, and here social videos are as critical as on other platforms. Competition marketers concentrate on how to generate more video views from Instagram.

Below is a comprehensive collection of tips that can be used to get more likes on your Instagram video and precise analysis:

Tips-1. Choose Relevant Hashtags

Like Twitter, Instagram depends strongly on the usage of hashtags, so the hashtags you add to your Instagram videos will have a significant effect on views. In reality, a clever hashtag alone may be enough to inspire users to view your video.

The right hashtag using the search tool would help you extend your scope and will theoretically bind you to two other users of your target audience.

Brands will also use hashtags to hop in on trending topics & build videos. Such subjects get lots of inquiries, which will quickly gain excellent visibility. I wouldn’t suggest making videos on viral issues individually, but often using the technique will help you quickly increase audience views.

Instagram shares have at least one hashtag 12.6% higher than those with zero. 2.5 hashtags per post had the most reliable content from top brands in 2019. And believe it or not, 70% of the most-used hashtags on Instagram are licensed hashtags.

Zara’s # iamdenim Instagram video advertisement (pictured above) is a brilliant instance of how companies influenced explicitly by using the best hashtags. It conducted a “collaborative marketing event with creative things, by real users.”

Their “real things” videos and influencers are sporting their products. The brilliant hashtag seemed genuine, concentrating on the user rather than the commodity. As an effect, they saw vast levels of interaction (including video views) and growth in their number of followers.

Tips-2. Focus on Instagram video marketing! It’s good.

The biggest reason more users are searching for the views is to become popular, and Instagram is also one of the popular locations to identify. And be confident you’re in the correct place.

Studies also found that consumers who purchase from a company are more informative and interactive than photos of social networking videos by searching towards the brand’s social media rather than its websites.

There are plenty of samples that show how people can know you through your video. For example, uploading ongoing time-lapse videos of the artwork will cause businesses to appeal for your videos to promote their goods. If you are operating your self-companies, it will bring clients to you.

On this popular social network, Instagram stuff works hard to develop video quality. Working on creating videos with outstanding views is one of the easiest ways to promote or present you and your job.

A lot is coming up on Instagram to boost video functionality, like to-watching, which you can use to maximize views. Therefore, it is better to concentrate on that day forward on your video views!

Tips-3. Optimize Your Description

Instagram is and (I assume) always will be a powerfully engaging platform. When we browse through feeds, it is all about the pictures and videos. However, one specific mistake I see marketers make is not using the details to attract consumers. That is especially relevant for video views; rather than scrolling by the description should convince people to see them.

There are a few ways to customize your explanation for growing your video views:

  • Your explanation will be long enough to catch attention, but not long enough for viewers to feel the need to see the video. It’s almost like a description of a blog article. A video has more meaning than a still picture, so keep that in mind. Several experiments have found that there is no precise optimum caption frequency. Check what fits the audience best.
  • If the caption is big, place the most important and entertaining stuff before the “see more” click. Split a lengthy paragraph into more compact chunks using line breaks.
  • For more engagement, use hashtags (as mentioned previous section).
  • Mention and tag related users, particularly influencers; this will significantly increase your exposure by 56% on average. One Tommy Hilfiger case study showed an improvement of 3x too much video views than in its average when a celebrity featured and tagged.

Tips-4. Use the best dimensions for your video.

Most people are ignorant of the impact of video size on having more views, so choosing the right video size for your article is essential. Then you may query the following question:

Instagram provides three forms of video-sharing size. Square, vertical, and landscape. On Instagram, the vertical and square images carry in more responsibilities and shares than landscape photos. Your video style is key to having more shares, ratings, and feedback. 

Below are the video guidelines:

  • Square video: size 1080 * 1080 pixels and the aspect ratio 1:1
  • Vertical video: proportion 1080 * 1920 and aspect ratio 9:16
  • Landscape videos: aspect ratio of and the dimension of 16:9 1280 * 720

I’d explain why video size will improve the audience. First, the number of smartphone users of Instagram is 75% greater than the followers on the internet. It is, therefore, essential to observe satisfaction with mobile use.

Users will post square and vertical videos without black frames, and it fills the display space and makes it easy to watch it on feeds.

Tips-5. Use the best of the moment to share on Instagram.

When you don’t upload the video at the right moment, most viewers won’t see it again. Yet also, there is other stuff you will remember, including the listeners and the week’s best days.

As per statistics, the perfect time of the day to post is 10 AM to 5 PM, while users often check their profiles, whether they are at lunch break, or they refresh by checking their phone.

Look out for the fans! When you have an account and use analytics, you will see from what places the audiences come in the analysis to help schedule your posting times. You could use your cell phone, world clock, conveniently to display the time in whatever nation you choose.

Similarly, certain days are perfect for you to share and the ideal moment of the day. There are days for even more interactions from Wednesday to Friday. The highest is Friday, and the worst is Sunday.

Final Words

Those were the few ways., they’re all brilliant methods you can’t get perfect by, because still, they can help you achieve your goals. As we all realize, no one in the world is perfect, so they should all only try.