How to Get More Likes on Twitter?

by    Blogs,Social Networks   Thursday, September 24th, 2020

Are you a twitter person? Do you want your twitter posts to get more likes?

Well, no matter what the social media haters say, getting more likes can be validated. It is often something that can uplift our mood.

More likes mean more people have vibed with your post; you have reached out to more people.

However, twitter is an overpopulated social media, and with so many new trends popping up every day, it’s overwhelming to make your posts sensational.

In this article, we will unlock the secrets on how to get more likes on twitter. You’ll be conscious at the end of this article, know everything to make your tweets talk of the day.

Know Your Audience

It will help if you hit the ground with the right people. People will not like your post if they do not find it fascinating or relatable.

To find out about your followers, know where they are from, what they like, dislike, and catch their attention.

If you post vibes with your followers, they will hit the like button.

Hence, study your audience. Focus on what the fans are asking for and post what they desire.

Connect with Your Followers

Most of the people are on twitter for jokes, memes, information, and education. Do not always talk about yourself or your product.

Diversify your posts and tweet. You can follow the 80/20 rule. You can make 20% of your content promotional and the remaining 80% engaging, funny, and educational.

The 5-3-2 ratio can also do the job. Post five relevant pieces from others, three non-promotional but catchy posts from you, and two promotional posts from your side.

Trust us, that 20% or two chalked out promotional posts will get more likes once people find you are always posting amusing stuff.

Make Your Twitter Profile Public

If you want to reach more people, you can try making your profile public. We know more twitter followers are essential to get more likes.

And a public profile grabs attention quickly. People will roam around your face, see your posts, hit them like, and follow you.

So, if privacy isn’t a challenge, you can make your profile on twitter public.

It will ensure more likes.

Find an Optimal Posting Time

There is a peak hour in social media when people respond most to posts. Find what that hour is for your followers to unravel how to get more likes on twitter.

After posting for two days, you will notice a pattern. You will find an optimum time when your followers are most active and are likely to hit the like button on your posts.

Remember, no matter how excellent your post is, people are unlikely to hit a like a button in an odd hour.

Tweet More

All of you have heard the proverb that practice makes a man perfect. The same goes for tweeting.

If your tweet more, you will know what sort of content fascinates your followers. You will know which tweets are grabbing more attention and likes.

And with more tweets, your followers will get more content to engage with. Your profile on twitter would get more attention and, therefore, more views.

That’s killing two birds with one stone.

Reply More

It serves the same goal as the previous one.

Reply to more people on twitter. However, do not leave negative comments relentlessly. Respond wisely and gracefully.

Know how to respond and do that in a likewise manner. Try to spread complimentary messages.

Start conversations, ask questions, and get chatty.

Replying more gives your profile exposure to others and grabs attention.

It will bring more followers, which leads to more likes. Getting more followers is one key to unlock how to get more likes on twitter.

Be Wise with Hashtags

Hashtags bundle information together by keywords. It broadens your followers.

People click on hashtags to get more information. It grabs attention.

However, it would help if you were wise with hashtags. It is better to use three hashtags in a post. Please do not use too many of them.

A long string of words can be irritating. Use short and precise hashtags.

Keep the hashtags original and easy to understand.

Hashtags will broaden your audience and bring you more likes.

Add Images

Images catch attention. Images can triple the rate of re-tweets and increase the quality of likes almost double.

Add images relatable with your content. It makes your message more prominent.

You can even add a quote picture. It was unearthed in a twitter study that quotes boost re-tweets by 19%. Images increase the amount by 35%.

Do the math. Combine quote pictures and images.

Get more re-tweets. Grab more likes on twitter.

Mention the Person or Brand

Be personal and try to reach out to more people.

When you write about a person or a brand in your post, it is better to mention them. It will make a notification pop in their profile. They will be more likely to reply to your post and like it.

Imagine how much exposure your tweet will get if a brand re-tweet it. You will get free twitter followers fast.

You do not need a social movement to reach more people. Just be humane, empathetic, and leave an impact.

Your posts will automatically reflect that, and people will hit the like button.

Hire a Manager

Do not jump into conclusions. If you a public figure or need twitter for promotion, you need to make the most out of it.

Chances are, twitter is not your cup of tea. You are not built for it.

No worries. You can always hire a twitter manager to take care of your twitter profile.

Social media is an essential tool to present yourself, your ideas, and promotion. So do not take the risk.

Hire a manager. Your manager will dive in and make sure that your twitter profile is a big-time success.


Twitter is an excellent platform for marketing, business promotion, and public exposure. You cannot just post once in a while and hope for magic to happen.

To make your twitter profile a success, you need to dedicate and build it. We have unpacked everything you need to hear about how to get more likes on twitter.

So, get to it, committed. Use all the tricks and make the most out of your twitter profile.
Happy tweeting!

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